SmartAxiom is building a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) solution using its end to end secured private blockchain solution.

SmartAxiom has developed and deployed an innovative, light blockchain that can run on heterogeneous environments to secure the identity and transactions of any kind of assets including IoT devices, Digital Art, Graphics, Music and more.

The NFT Multi-Chain Solution Consists of a

  • A custom blockchain to assign and ensure the identity of digital assets like digital art, music, graphics, videos and more
  • A custom blockchain to record transactions of these assets
  • A flexible smart contract system to write custom business rules and workflows to mint and manage these assets

This NFT solution will enable the owners of digital assets to assign a unique identity to their artwork and track how it is being shared and distributed with other users. This will also enable them to allow anybody to verify the authenticity and proof of ownership of their artwork.

The users of the system, the digital assets, the transactions of those assets and the smart contracts related to the custom business rules are permanently stored in encrypted and secure distributed and immutable ledgers. This enables anybody to not only verify the identity of any registered digital assets and users but also trace provenance or the chronological history of transactions of that asset.

The smart solution can be scaled to handle millions of users, assets and transactions without affecting the performance or security of the solution.

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