BlockLock Embedded Blockchain
BlockLock Embedded Blockchain

SmartAxiom’s BlockLock Blockchain framework represents the Transport layer in the Fortress’ architecture. It utilizes Blockchain to guard against the transfer of information and includes network security and encrypted data packets that move between the cloud and devices.

Distributed Ledger
  • SmartAxiom Blockchain uniquely supports multi-chain architecture which, secures devices and data authenticity
  • SmartAxiom skinny ledger prunes and compresses device data
  • Device chain store authentication and identity device, distributed across peers
  • Event chain stores information related to events generated by devices or sensors
  • SmartAxiom blockchain model allows only authorized parties access to the devices that gather information from the physical environment
  • BlockLock framework creates a distributed digital ledger of transactions, which is shared among the nodes of a network instead of being stored on a central server
  • Synchronized time envelope to combine device chain and event chain with smart contract events
Decentralized and Distributed Architecture
  • Distributed ledger eliminates single points of failure and decentralized security provides a resilient ecosystem for devices to run on.
  • All participants of a network approve/accept digital transactions and coordination among interacting devices, thereby ensuring trust
  • Distributed computation and storage needs across (billions of) devices that form IoT network(s)
Smart Contract & Micro transaction
  • Execute transactions-digital in a decentralized technological environment with secure, self-executing and enforcing smart contracts
  • Participants of a digital transaction are registered with Blockchains to enable transaction recording, and these participants execute smart contracts with each other in the IoT ecosystem
  • SA Smart Contracts provide autonomy, trust, and speed
  • Permission to interact with a device is typically granted through reference to an Access Control List (ACL) such as a whitelist of privileged entities
  • Gateway can commission or recommission devices or endpoints by issuing smart contracts and adding devices and smart contracts to the device chain
  • SmartAxiom generates microtransactions from the Gateway and each microtransaction include synchronized time envelope
SA P2P Networking
  • A standardized Peer-to-Peer communication model or mesh networking to process hundreds of billions of transactions between devices to significantly reduce the cost associated with large centralized data centers
  • SA Mesh support ZigBee, Thread, LoWiFi and LoRA
Device Discovery and Provision
  • Dynamic device provisioning with verifiable group membership, support Self, Semi and manual commission
  • Only edge device can commission or recommission devices or endpoint by issuing smart contract and adding devices to the device chain
  • Group signatures use pre-shared group key(s)
  • Device or sensors can re‐authenticate using their knowledge of historical transactions proving their membership specific historical transactions using predecessors for Lamport Signatures
  • Capable of handling sensor “sleep/power‐off” periods
Time Series and Spatial Data

Working with IBM Informix, Smart Axiom has streamlined our use of the blockchain and smart contracts to make them more efficient, responsive, and powerful in supporting your comprehensive IoT security needs.

  • Logically connected set of records ordered by time
  • A small install footprint (200MB) and run with low memory (less than 512MB)
  • Support both NoSQL and SQL
  • Support streaming data loader for blockchain blocks
  • Combine Time series data and Spatial data in the same query
  • Perform real-time analytics on historical data: window aggregates, pattern matching, anomaly detection etc.
  • Store data in ledger system efficiently and securely.
  • Support to network multiple gateways together to create a distributed ledger system
  • Superior performance and scalability in the Cloud, on Premise, and on Edge Gateways
  • Very cost-effective operations in all deployment models
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