SmartAxiom BlockTracker
5G/NB-IoT/LTE-M Logistics Solution Blockchain-Secured, from Tracking Device to Cloud

Many enterprises love the idea of storing provenance data permanently in blockchains. Unfortunately, these systems suffer from the proverbial garbage in, garbage out problem; there is no value in an immutable record of bad data. Now SmartAxiom has delivered the world’s first logistics solution that is blockchain-secured from tracker to cloud. The identity and integrity of every tracker are authenticated using blockchain security techniques with every encrypted and signed data transmission.

Communication:LTE-M, CAM1, NB-IOT, GPRS, BLE
SensorsLocation, Temperature and Humidity, Accelerometer, Light + remote through BLE
ChargingMicro USB
Firmware UpgradeBlockchain secured OTA firmware update
Battery LifeUp to 3 years, rechargeable option
SoftwareTracker and Cloud
EnclosureIP66 Water and Dust resistant
MountingMagnetic, Screw, Tape, Adhesive or Strap
Key Features
  • Personalized, multi-tenant cloud blockchain backend
  • Shipment data summarized in the management system
  • Smart Contracts and Smart Bill-of-Lading
  • Grouping and Clustering for location
  • Share real-time information with stakeholders
  • Dynamic Self-provisioning
  • Tracker’s 256-bit token is a unique identity associated with shipment and PO’s
  • Arrival/Departure notification
  • Temperature and Humidity deviation
  • Door open and close notification
  • Shock detection
  • Late delivery notification
  • Position and location data from each tacker
  • Handles sensor “sleep/power‐off” periods
BlockTracker Dashboard
Blockchain Tracking Data Flow
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