SmartAxiom Blockchain Elements

  • Peer-to-Peer Communications & Consensus mechanisms replace the need for a central trust authority
  • Distributed Ledgers are replicated, shared and synchronized copies of transaction information
  • Smart Contracts & Micro – Transactions are mechanisms to facilitate, verify and enforce agreements or permissions, e.g. what data can be read by whom

SmartAxiom Blockchain Advantages

  • Available: Distributed ledgers¬†mean no single point of failure
  • Scalable: Distributed ledgers enable keyless, peer-based authentication, reducing cloud traffic and eliminating certificate management overhead
  • Secure: Distributed ledgers protect against unauthorized devices, malicious packets, weak encryption and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Unimpeachable Data Integrity: Smart contracts enable permission access to permanent, time-stamped event records

SMARTAXIOM Security: Multi-Chain Architecture

  • Our Fortress Framework protects endpoint devices at the physical layer with a device blockchain
  • Our Fortress Framework protects transaction data at the transport layer with an event blockchain
  • As transaction packets are received at gateways, they check device hash sequence (Authentication), event hash sequence (Integrity) and timestamp sequence against the Distributed Ledger history
  • Going beyond PKI watermarking, we virtually eliminate unauthorized devices, malicious packets, weak encryption and man-in-the-middle attacks

SMARTAXIOM Blockchain: How It Works

SMARTAXIOM Efficient Embedded Security: Endpoint Grouping

Reduced Distributed Ledger Storage: We implement a “skinny” device blockchain and a separate event blockchain, assigning endpoint events to groups based on analytical logic. This means that gateways store only grouped, logical transactions rather than storing all event records for every connected device.

Reduced Computing and Network Load: Transport Layer Security (TLS) keys for network communication are assigned at the group level to reduce network load and key processing overhead.

Balanced Network Load: We provide a management dashboard with a gateway transaction activity graph and the ability to shift logical groups to low load gateways in order to balance traffic.

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