Security Management Tools
Security Management Tools

Built as a real-time, Data interactive visualization and interactive dashboard. Smart Axiom embraces simplicity in having an intuitive drag and drop interface. Users can explore real-time distributed ledger data using different visual techniques at the edge.

Dashboard Screenshot
Dashboard Screenshot
SmartAxiom Node Map
  • Management tools offer in-memory device data exploration for fast and easy data visualizations
  • Unified view of your whole business on single dashboard
  • Generate line, column, area, and scatter charts to visualize security alerts and analytics against event blocks. Overlay and compare measures visually, all in one innovative combination chart
  • View aggregate blockchain network respective groups
  • Device discovery and provision management provides aggregate view of device and event chains
  • Information can be easily combined into single reports or grouped reports for maximum insight
  • Management tools offer alerting system for malicious packets and rogue device within the blockchain network
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