Reimagining Cyber Security for Internet of Things

Our solutions are dedicated to protecting your business from the widest array of security challenges prevalent in IoT networks and systems. This is designed to be fully inter-operatable allowing any sensor, company, or computing language to naturally work together safely and securely. We simplify your relationship with your IoT ecosystem with full visualization technology which monitors all activity and maps behaviour through machine learning and AI. All preventing breaches happening in the first place. In essence, our solution protects the industry and the ecosystem of ecosystems.


A 2017 survey of 400 IT managers found that over 40% of early IOT initiatives have experienced a device or data security breech. Whether your business is in manufacturing, logistics, or transportation, you need to assure reliable uptime, guard your data and protect your brand. SmartAxiom will help you design an IOT proof-of-concept. working with your IOT services sources and our IOT security technology infrastructure to integrate a comprehensive security solution for your use case. Our security solution is safer, more robust, and cheaper to run than traditionally centralized device authentication and data validation schemes.

Gateway and IoT Control Unit Manufacturers

Your devices are getting smarter and adding more value in edge computing networks. However, to compete effectively you need to protect your customers’ reputation with cost-effective security and privacy. SmartAxiom’s blockchain solution provides complete device and data security within your gateways and sensor control systems without needing pre-shared or public keys. We support all major downstream IOT connectivity standards and we are compliant with all major IOT platform certificate schemes. We integrate and certify our embedded software, and we optimize our peer-based device authentication and data validation to run efficiently on your low-cost IOT devices.

IoT Platform And Service Providers

As your customers seek to connect billions of devices your business has the potential to grow exponentially over the next decade. However, IoT platform companies risk damaging their customer’s brand if they do not have a comprehensive security solution. Smart Axiom’s has created a bolt-on blockchain solution to increase security value and differentiate your IoT platform. And, we can partner with you to deliver a business model that supports continuous security monitoring services. Using the public, private or dedicated cloud, our support services are actively monitoring for threats, anomalies and dangers within your IoT networks. We integrate and certify our security management, monitoring and predictive analytics software to meet your specific platform requirements.

Semiconductor and Reference Architecture Designers

You are designing security features that will identify and help authenticate connected IoT devices. Public and shared key systems involve provisioning and certificate management complexity and an arms race against common security threats. SmartAxiom’s decentralized device blockchain is inherently more secure than centralized security schemes. It provides keyless and simplified device identification and authentication. We work with you to deliver our blockchain security library as an SDK, allowing your customers to have access to leading-edge IoT security. We make it easy by enabling integrated write permission while providing a cost-effective licensing model for reading permission once activated.

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