BlockTracker is being deployed to Secure High-Value COVID Vaccine Shipments

SmartAxiom Inc, a subsidiary of Life on Earth Inc (OTC: LFER), today announced BlockTracker, the first logistics management solution that is blockchain-secured from the tracking device to the cloud. SmartAxiom has developed and deployed an innovative, light blockchain that can run on and among IoT devices to secure their identity and communication, and which is being embraced by organizations to track high-value goods.

The logistics solution consists of a multi-tenant cloud system managing BlockTracker cellular tracking devices, which sense location, temperature, vibration, pressure and light level. The device can also act as a gateway and connect to additional nearby sensors via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), for example with one temperature logger per box of pharmaceuticals reporting to one BlockTracker per pallet of boxes. The management system, built with SmartAxiom’s Tenacious cloud backend, shows shipment location and condition, will notify by SMS if parameters like temperature are exceeded, has geofencing and tools to activate devices and assemble shipments.

With every encrypted and signed data transmission, the identity and integrity of every tracker are authenticated using blockchain security techniques. All provenance data (where a shipment was at a given time, under what conditions, owned by whom etc) is permanently recorded in an immutable blockchain. Additionally, SmartAxiom’s IoT Smart Contract feature is used to securely push automation to devices. They run on BlockTracker and are used to change ownership and send notifications based on location or sensor triggers (eg the temperature is too hot or vibration too high). The IoT Smart Contracts can also safely install Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates.

Amit Biyani, SmartAxiom founder and President, commented “Many enterprises love the idea of storing provenance data permanently in blockchains. Unfortunately, these systems suffer from the proverbial garbage-in, garbage-out problem and there is no value in an immutable record of bad data. Now SmartAxiom has delivered the world’s first logistics solution that is blockchain-secured from tracker-to-cloud, and we are deploying it, right now, to track high-value COVID vaccine shipments in developing countries. When a vaccine shipment is worth over ten million dollars, it motivates evil behaviors like theft and forgery and it’s exciting to play a key role in keeping people safe!”

Mahmood Khan, LFER CEO added, “The excellent BlockTracker Logistics solution fits perfectly with our strategy of delivering safe, compliant cloud systems that raise business productivity and innovation.”

Click here to know more about the BlockTracker.

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