NFT Solution
Non-Fungible Tokens

SmartAxiom NFT Solution Secures the Identity and Ownership of Digital Assets

The SmartAxiom NFT solution enables the owners of digital assets to permanently attach a unique identity to their asset (such as an artwork) and track how it is being shared and distributed with other users. Immutable blockchain ledgers, that are encrypted and distributed, store the digital assets, the transactions of those assets, the users’ records, and the smart contracts executing the custom business rules.

The NFT solution enables anyone to verify the authenticity and ownership of an artwork and trace its provenance (the chronological history of all related transactions). The intelligent NFT solution can scale to handle millions of assets, users and transactions without affecting the performance or security of the solution.

SmartAxiom has developed and deployed an innovative, light blockchain to manage and secure IoT devices. Establishing strong Identity (eg ensuring this is the device you think it is) is the foundation of that security and when paired with an immutable blockchain cloud backend, the SmartAxiom technology makes for a robust and ready NFT solution. The NFT multi-chain solution consists of a

  • A custom blockchain to assign and ensure identity of digital assets like digital art, music, graphics, videos and more.
  • A custom blockchain to record transactions of these assets.
  • A flexible smart contract system to write custom business rules and workflows to mint and manage these assets.

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