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The SmartAxiom Beachhead and BlockLock SDK includes instructions, tools and sample code to allow a user to manage and secure a wide variety of embedded and edge devices for different verticals like Industrial IoT, Smart Buildings and Logistics. It runs on the Renesas RA and RZ platforms and connects to our Tenacious Cloud Management System to provide a tailored, project-ready solution.

Tenacious Cloud Management SDK

Tenacious is a cloud-agnostic service for archiving, monitoring and managing IoT devices and their security. It includes a global ledger system, a customizable dashboard and a rule engine. The Tenacious management and visualization tool includes:

  • Multi-tenant cloud service with customer management
  • Customer sign-on and mapping of evaluation boards
  • Interactive dashboard with data visualization
  • Global Ledger – synchronizes with BlockLock edge nodes and aggregates data from eval boards and IoT devices.
  • Rule Engine – Create rules for IoT contracts, for permissions, firmware updates, etc.

The global ledger offers a broad range of features to store and forward device sensor data for visualization. Using Stream Analytics and PowerBI, event payloads can be pictured through Visualization tiles to graphically display time-series, graph and meter views.

Tenacious includes customer onboarding, device and user management and sensor and device mapping. It will also provide a tutorial to create rules for IoT contracts and Tenacious SDK to provide access to device and their events data. It will further integrate with enterprise AI and ML application.

Beachhead Endpoint SDK

Beachhead SDK presents the physical security layer and its main function is to generate encrypted blocks at the data source to protect devices. This is optimized with security measures including signed software images, root keys, secure boots, and tamper-proofing, so sensors and devices are secured even if they are damaged or stolen.

Beachhead has been ported to the RA6M3 and integrates with the RA platform. It supports FreeRTOS and will soon include Azure RTOS support.

The Beachhead SDK Includes:

  • Secure MQTT 3.1.X, HTTPS and TCP/UDP
  • Crypto Engine – SHA256/SHA224/SHA512, ECDH, ECDSA (ED25519 and ED448)
  • Handshaking and Self Registration – Encryption key establishment
  • Sync-envelope – SmartAxiom’s time stamping and verification protocol
  • Root-identity
  • Establishing Master Clock Time
  • Secure Boot (as supported by RA families)

BlockLock Edge SDK

BlockLock SDK is a decentralized connectivity and security framework that provides IoT device management and autonomous secure connection and security at the edge. It’s distributed ledger system implements intelligent IoT smart contracts between the devices and the IoT ecosystem. Its main functionality is to authenticate source identity and reputation and verify communication with its peers.

BlockLock has been ported to RZG2E and integrates with RZ platform. It is OS-agnostic software for the edge and also deployable in the cloud through docker images. The BlockLock supports Azure through Azure runtime IoT edge. This Demo Kit installs the BlockLock SDK on RZ for Azure and is fully integrated with Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, and PowerBI Visualization.

The BlockLock SDK Includes:

  • Device onboarding and provisioning
  • Device authentication and identity
  • Digital ownership and authorization
  • Device and endpoints grouping
  • Chord Peer-to-Peer network via LAN/WAN/WiFi/BLE
  • Decentralized and distributed ledger system
  • IoT Smart Contracts – to push intelligent at the edge
  • Transaction Verification – Consensus algorithm with Proof-of-stake

It will support flexible network connectivity options, including wired Ethernet, WiFi and LTE. BlockLock is integrated with the Azure runtime IoT edge module for secure connectivity to the Azure IoT Hub.

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