Renesas RA and RZ Downloads

Renesas RA and RZ Downloads

The SmartAxiom Beachhead and BlockLock SDK includes instructions, tools and sample code to allow a user to manage and secure a wide variety of embedded and edge devices for different verticals like Industrial IoT, Smart Buildings and Logistics. It integrates with the Renesas RA and RZ platforms to provide a tailored, project-ready solution.

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Beachead Sample Application

File NameVersionFile Link
SDK-Beachhead-ek-ra6m3 (tar.xz)v1.1Download
SDK-Beachhead-ek-ra6m3 (Zip)v1.1Download

Blocklock Edge Software

File NameVersionFile Link
blocklock_rzg2e_ek874_sd_8gb (img.xz)v1.1Download

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