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Fortress: the Security for the Internet of Things

SmartAxiom products create new pathways for a world, which is increasingly becoming smart. Our Fortress security platform is a fully horizontal IoT security platform that is decentralized, distributed and enables transactions and coordination between interactive devices by building private blockchain networks.The platform provides an all-embracing Fog computing IoT platform designed to integrate systems powerfully and effectively.
Our Flatbed technology supports heterogeneous devices based on different protocols and standards. We have built upon standards and industry initiatives, such as IoT-A or FI-WARE, and added Blockchain and Context-aware Privacy architecture. SmartAxiom ensures you get a fully secure software, analytics, and rich user interface for all and every IoT ecosystem.

SmartAxiom-IoT Products


Secures devices, prevents inside network breaches, generates encrypted block at data source and automatically detects external or internal tampering.
A flexible distributed ledger for embedded devices, Microtransaction and Smart contract between devices and IoT ecosystem.
Tenacious Service
Tenacious Service
Tenacious Service
A cloud based Security-as-a-Service using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, private Blockchain Ledger, Predictive Modeling, and Context Aware Analysis for threat detection and anomalies identification.
Our C-Suite tools allow any senior executive, admin users, or key participants to access quality information simply and effectively.

The Fortress platform provides comprehensive IoT security for cloud to sensors, devices and everything in between. Based on the concepts of Blockchain security model, hardware based cryptography, distributed ledger, smart contracts and microtransaction, the platform facilitates transaction processing and coordination among different interacting parties in an IoT system in a fully trusted manner. It fully caters to the four major security areas, authentication, authorization, encryption, and compliance.

Fortress IoT Security Platform provides these Out-Of-The-Box capabilities including:

  • Decentralized and Distributed architecture
  • Context-Aware analysis
  • No single point of failure
  • Automatic tamper-detection
  • Data Confidentiality and Integrity assurance
  • Edge Intelligence & Analytics
  • Autonomous Device Coordination
  • Built-in security for securing data in-flight and resting
  • Hybrid Cloud

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