Security-as-a-Service for Smart things in cloud

IoT Security Platform

The SmartAxiom platform is a Security-as-a-service for Smart-things-in-the-cloud. Our patent pending, key rotation technology, only allows authorized devices to gain access to your application. Data integrity is always protected.
SmartAxiom platform integrates physical objects, data, and computing devices seamlessly into a global network of “Smart Things”. Our security services provide bridges through which these “smart things” interact automatically, with little human intervention.


Today’s explosive growth in smart devices demands flexibility and more protection as billions of devices are connecting in our everyday lives. With SmartAxiom, we enable authentication to any digital resource including users, devices, applications, APIs, and things. With the Connect-Secured framework, you can be flexible. Agents, standards, and proxies all work to empower you in multiple ways:

  • The Connect-Secure framework provides multiple authentications including device fingerprinting, and two-factor password activation.
  • Advance authentication to devices in a simple manner with scripted authentication module
  • Implement strong multi-factor authentication


Consumers and business users want simple, seamless and secure access to smart-devices-in-the-cloud. They don’t want a complex vertical security system from each domain.
SmartAxiom’s platform performs access control decisions based on clear and strategic control policies protecting your devices at all times. Data is secured post-authentication with contextual coarse and fine-grained authorization.

  • Flexible coarse and fine-grained authorization
  • High-performance policy and rules engine
  • Token based authorization
  • Universal Authorization beyond URI

Key exchange and management

SmartAxiom platform’s key exchange management service provides an interface which generates and manages cryptographic keys and services for protecting smart devices and data. Key Exchange and management (KEM) enables, strengthening, fine-tuning, and protected secure communication between Physical Entity and Virtual Object or Users.

  • Distribute keys in a secure way to resources and enterprise with complete control over key management and key life cycles
  • Key material and the binding of keys/certificates to users and devices
  • Limit certificate Lifetime and Enforce Key rotation
  • Support asymmetric (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) and symmetric (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic algorithms
  • Advance Encryption Standard counter mode with 128- and 256-bit keys sizes

Trust, protection and reputation

Most enterprises focus on application and service development for IoT devices. Security focuses on the product, hence many of devices are not trusted and protected. SmartAxiom has developed “Connect-secure” framework which includes addresses, the protection of devices and sensors, cloud analytics services, all built around trust-based IoT systems.

  • Red-Black Architecture of cryptography provides a foundational trust model
  • Connect-Secure maintains trust establish points as close to the origin of data
  • Added protective layer converges device capabilities to standard interface and access to business critical data

Identity Management

One of the unique challenges related to the privacy of data collection is its ability to overwhelm society through massive amounts of data collection from devices and sensors. These devices will sometimes be used maliciously, through unauthorized access, and unconsented inadvertent information capture. From a system owner perspective, it is important to understand action flow to identify unwelcome access.
SmartAxiom platform ensures consumer privacy is immersed into their IoT platforms DNA, providing simplified choices regarding access and privacy.

  • Identifying each user who accesses Smart things, is central to privacy protection
  • Providing the highest grade of authentication in the identity pool
  • Protecting against theft
  • Including longest validity in the identity pool
  • Enabling the highest capabilities in the identity pool


Increasing needs to access shared IoT services and devices, regardless of where those devices and services reside in becoming more important. With the SmartAxiom platform, users can quickly extend access beyond organizational boundaries in a repeatable and scalable way. Securely share identity information across heterogeneous system or domain boundaries using standard identity protocols. Access to devices and services in the cloud and mobile devices, on-premises and off, eliminating the need for multiple passwords.

  • SmartAxiom innovation architecture delivers seamless federation over cloud
  • Incorporate SAML2 federation into authentication chains, enabling the use of federated identities in strong multi-factor authentication
  • Support OpenID connect which is easier and faster solution requiring additional identity information
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