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IoT Platform

SmartAxiom provides an all embracing Fog computing IoT platform designed to integrate systems powerfully and effectively. The platform is based on coordinating information and services on a variety of internet-connect-objects (ICO), which includes physical devices and virtual or logical entities.

Our IoT Platform Provides These Out-Of-The-Box Capabilities Including:

  • Discover, capture, and group devices
  • Manage, plan, control, schedule devices and their behavior
  • Manage cross-communication between devices
  • Built-in security for securing data in-flight and resting
  • Collect data within the big data platform
  • Visualize data from devices
  • What-if-happen analysis
IoT Platform - IoT Connectivity Platform IoT Security Platform SmartAxiom

IoT Security

Tightly integrated hardware and software security from the edge – to the cloud, along with data protection and policy management. This delivers trusted data to applications that create real value.

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IoT Connectivity

Our Communication products gather from connected devices and sensors, both hardware and software, which are verified and secured to ensure only trusted data is sent to cloud.

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IoT Insight

Our What-if-happen analysis provides users real-time insights into how their connected IoT devices are being used. Our user insights provide a dashboard letting users quickly visualize…

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