Transforming Big Data IoT Analytics Into New Foresight Opportunities!

IoT Insight Platform

SmartAxiom analytics enables businesses to find the true value in their IoT data –to learn from historical data, match patterns and predict the future and make actionable decisions. Our Single Pane of Glass architecture delivers to you deep real-time insights while giving you the ability to make timely intelligent actions. SmartAxiom’s platform enables you to transform your business operational efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage to boost your revenue and growth faster and more efficiency.

Streaming Ingestion & Data Aggregation

Our big data analytics platform offers patented in-memory flat-file ingestion and aggregation for your disparate data aggregated from throughout your organization into a scalable, distributed and encryption in the cloud infrastructure.

  • Event Streaming ingestion capability leverages our communication service to deliver fast data ingestion from various physical entities to virtual entities
  • Inbuilt Auto discovery capability builds a subset schema for faster ingestion of sensor and actuator events. It has been built with specific demands for IoT application
  • Leverage connect-secured framework to encrypted flat-file objects
  • Machine log data and human-generated data such as message and alerts
  • Emphasis on identifying delta within data streams

Visualization & Discovery Engine

Build real time, Data interactive visualization and dashboard. Using the intuitive drag and drop interface. Users can explore real-time IoT data using server different visual techniques:

  • Mark pattern and interesting moments in historical data
  • In-memory pipeline aggregates multiple sources of disparate data in the memory objects
  • Subset Schema filters out noise & distraction and emerges patterns from flat-file objects
  • Time Series: Define start date, end date, and interval to visualize analytics results for any timeframe
  • View aggregate data in histogram form
  • Visualize dimensions and Big data analysis though Scatter plots
  • Generate line, column, area, and scatter charts to the visual machine – learning analytics against raw data. Overlay and compare measures visually, all in one innovative combination chart

Predictive Analysis

Using available data to create forecasts and predict future outcome. Our Big data analytics provides automated predictive modeling and operationalization for a variety of outcomes.

  • Predictive big data modeling and machine learning algorithms are build-in, trained upon past observation and continually refined based on realized outcomes
  • Predictive analytics provides real-time predictive indicators and likely portfolio of outcomes
  • AutoM framework supports latest machine learning and Big data algorithm (PCA, KMeans, linear, regression, decision tree, Gaussian, Random Forrest, and Gradient Boston tree)
  • AutoM intuitive pipeline feature, with no code, comparer multiple model metrics and statistical functions
  • Iterate quickly to add more data, consider new variables, or tune your model
  • Analyze stored data at rest to provide overview of historical outcomes and performance
  • Analyze data in-stream to provide real-time understanding of current state operations
  • Predefined out-of-the-box advance analytics models and reports

What-If-Happen Analysis

The highest level of IoT analytics value is realized when incoming data is translated into action without human intervention. What-if-happen analysis engine will maximize your revenue and lowers costs through the support of instantaneous adjustment to business impacting events.

  • Contextualize live stream events within current business requirements.
    Provide specific recommendation based on live streaming data or to automatically initiate a process
  • Learn from past outcomes to optimize future recommendations
  • Engine provides workflow logic, alerts, and notifications to enhance the ability of business operations leaders to take smarter actions in real-time
  • Innovative algorithm to perform actions based on combination of various sensor events
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