Securely Connect Sensors, Devices, and Machines to Your Network Infrastructure

IoT Connectivity Platform

With the greater convergence of the virtual and physical worlds, there is less differentiation between people and the devices that surround us. Everybody and everything will be connected. No matter how complex the IoT connectivity.
SmartAxiom platform creates a “Virtual Entity” definition and schema that provides a consistent baseline for the other layers of the platform and IoT applications based on that framework.

Events Processing

SmartAxiom provides a mechanism for the delivery of configurable event messages across connected devices. Events may be set as either unicast, transmitted to a single recipient, or multicast, which is channeled to several recipients.


HTTP* | Websockets* | MQTT* | CoAP | UDP* | TCP*


Arduino | Raspberry Pi | Atmel | Econais | Electric Imp | Intel Edison | Sigfox | BACNet

Abstraction View

SmartAxiom’s innovative concept is to create an abstraction view between physical entities such as sensors, actuators etc. and digital object in the virtual layer. It will secure, manage and control your devices through the abstraction layer. The user can access heterogeneous networks through a unified view of virtual objects within abstraction layer.

Unified View

The Unified view includes self-service tools and IoT dashboards which enable business operations managers to easily manage and take timely actions Improving business outcomes and creating additional value for their enterprises. Customize your dashboards by adding and removing drag&drop widgets, and track your metrics with What-if-happen analyzes enhancing the quality data reach of your IoT devices.

Control & Configure

SmartAxiom platform provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to monitor, update, and interact with your connected devices. Every IoT project is different and requires a unique configuration, which may change as a project evolves from early prototype to a fully commercial production project. IoT Connect is built on SmartAxiom platform allowing you to define the network configuration, Users access and data policies needed at every phase of your project. Get full granular control of your connectivity in order to reduce costs, improve performance, and increase the security of your network.


SmartAxiom platform architecture implements multiple protocol normalization and closed-loop control for your devices. A key aspect is enabling multi-protocol data communication between your devices at the edge, between endpoints/gateways; the network and the data center. SmartAxiom supports three network types; Proximity, Local area network, and WAN.


Data storage functionality provides storage to a physical entity, or gateway performs temporary storage of data records (“logs”) of any predefined structure. Our platform enables you to leverage your data warehouses and data lakes. Multiple sources of data aggregate into flat-file architecture within the SmartAxiom IoT Big data platform for comprehensive predictive, and what-if-happen analytics processing over time.

Multi-Channel and Pluggable Protocol

SmartAxiom platform is transport-agnostic. It allows application functionality work over any type network connection. Publish and consume data using any of our communication services. You can also publish to any protocol and consume from other IoT Services.

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