Smart Axiom: Smart Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

As the Industrial Internet of Things gains broader adoption and acceptance of its benefits and uses, businesses are shifting from products to outcome-based services and competing on their ability to deliver measurable results to customers. Such outcomes may range from guaranteed machine uptimes on factory floors, to better understanding the actual amounts of energy savings obtained within commercial buildings, to guaranteed crop yields from a specific parcel of farmland.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and cloud-connected smart devices are as disruptive today as the steam engine and electricity were in the 19th century. The connected factory—and interconnection among multiple factories—is becoming today’s reality. Delivering such outcomes will require new levels of collaboration across entire ecosystems of business partners and suppliers. This alignment combines products and services to meet customer needs, accelerating the movement toward smart manufacturing. Smart Axiom’s solution is tailored to facilitate data capture, aggregation, and exchange across the entire ecosystem, enabling manufacturers to better create, distribute and monetize new products and services at unprecedented speed and scale.

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